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Danser and Knudsen Logo, 2007


Dr. Donald Danser

Dr. Donald Danser began outpatient private practice in 1993 and started the agency,  Donald B Danser, Ph.D Psychological Services, PC, with just himself and a part time staff.  He eventually started adding additional clinicians and began establishing himself as a prominent private sector provider of psychological services at 531 Washington Street in Watertown.

He met Dr. Rubenzahl in 1998 and Dr. Knudsen in 1999.  He helped early training of both Dr. Rubenzahl and Dr. Knudsen in areas of forensic assessment and quality of care.  Dr. Knudsen and Dr. Rubenzahl met in 1999 and were both working at Lewis County Community Mental Health Center.  They became good friends and supporting peers to each other’s practice.  In 2007, Dr. Knudsen partnered with Dr. Danser and the practice was renamed Danser and Knudsen.  In 2009, Dr. Rubenzahl became the third partner.  Dr. Danser retired in 2011, and the practice was renamed Rubenzahl, Knudsen & Associates (Dr. Rubenzahl won first name after a competitive game of Angry Birds).  The practice outgrew our Washington Street office and we relocated to a brand new building on Summit Drive.


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